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Losing internet connection when accessing dumaOS


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I have a problem that seems similar to other people problems. 
I don't lose connection randomly, but I can force lose connection but accessing the dumaOS. 

I have a static IP from my internet provider and my network infrastucture is as follows: 

Ethernet plug in wall -> R2 -> Switch -> Computer
The switch is just a "dummy" switch. 

I just accessed the dumaOS and I lost connection and I had to reboot, it has been like this since I received my R2. My connection will now stay stail, even if I try to access dumaOS again. But if I try again tomorrow. I will lose connection again. 

The lose of connection seems to only affekt wired devices. It does not matter if they are behind the switch or not. 

I managed to grab logfile when it happend today. 


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