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Dumaos issues


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Hello i just bought nighthawk xr1000 and im trying to enter the Dumaos but im having issues

-i downloaded somthing for your website i tought this was the dumaos but No clue what this is This is Video https://gyazo.com/14910c63739c6595340c17ad9ac7da93

-  im having issues connecting to my browser  and i have tried Google chrome   Opera and Microsoft edge it just gives me this issue https://gyazo.com/1f94441ca1c9b97599c6848c26f6a05e

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Hey, welcome to the forum!

Try accessing the interface using routerlogin.net and see if that works.

What you downloaded was the firmware file and you would upload this on the router interface to upgrade but you shouldn't need it anyway as it will upgrade you to the latest firmware version during the setup wizard.

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