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Random Internet Disconnections


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I purchased my R2 some time back in January and it has worked great until recently. There are multiple times a day where my internet connection will completely give out only to be restored a few minutes later. This is an issue when gaming or doing school work because my progress will not save or I will simply be kicked out of the page/game. I have reset and factory reset my router multiple times. Earlier today, I even had a technician from my internet company come in and try to fix the issue but it still persists. 

Below I have attached my logs. 


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Hey, welcome to the forum!

Sorry to hear you're having this issue. How long has it been since you rebooted and how many disconnects have you received since then - that will give me an idea of how many instances I should look for in the log. I can see where 1 disconnect would definitely have happened. What is the model of your modem/router the R2 is connected to?

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