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Netduma R2 with EE Smart Hub


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Hi we have just moved to a new house and now have an EE smart Hub.

I am trying to connect my R2 to the EE smart hub but I can not get it to work with the internet.
I understand that there is no modem mode or bridge mode on the EE SH. Is there a way to get the R2 to work with this router?

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I feel really bad for writing this now. Been trying to get it to work for over a day now.
And the setup kept saying no internet found.

Just been getting frustrated and reset everything twice in my frustration and it finally detected the internet and is working.

Will it be an issue that my EE SH isnt in modem mode though?

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Don't feel bad at all! We're always.happy to help, sometimes its best to get input if you're not sure what is happening.

No that won't cause any issues at all - I use my R2/XR behind my hub that is in router mode. 

Copy the WAN IP from the R2 System Information page and put that into the EE hub DMZ and that will ensure you get an open NAT on devices connected to the R2.

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