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Geo Filter Uncaught Unmatched device


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This is another issue with this software and Router i am having. I now can't add a device as it says 'Uncaught Unmatched Device'


I currently do not have any devices added in Geo Filter. This happens when i click on add device.


Is there a solution to this without having to factory reset which I keep having to do with all the bugs and issues i have with this NetDuma R2 

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Did this happen after an update or did you delete a device from the Device Manager that was added to the Geo-Filter at the time?

There will be a device that was connected/shown but isn't now. If you connect it back to the router using the same connection method i.e. 2.4 / 5Ghz / ethernet and give it the same device name and type then the error will go away. Otherwise you need to reset

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