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Geofilter not filtering/geofilter not working

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Geofilter doesn't do anything.  It acts as if it's in spectator mode no matter what I do.  I shrunk my geofilter to the smallest possible size and put my ping assist at 1 and it still connected me to a 70 ping game.  Help me out.  

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Basically nothing was showing.  I did manage to get geofilter to do something though.  If I shrunk it too small it wouldn't connect me to any game.  Also it seems like only ping assist seems to have an effect, if I put ping assist at 0, even with my geofilter set out to over 1000 miles, it never connects me to a game.  I had to set the ping assist to 70 to get it to connect me to a game in solos, but the in game ping counter said 80-85.  Also it keeps telling me to use the app but when I click it its not there.  I'd much rather use an app because I'm doing all this on my phone.  Where's the app? Normally I measure it in game and in the geo filter, the game tends to show a little higher for whatever reason.  


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