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What is Netduma and why do I need it.


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Hiya,  I have an XR1000 and I love the idea of the Netduma software on it.  It seems to be very cool.  The issue I have is I want the best and newest thing all the time and of course Netgear is not that good at that. 

So what is the best router to run Netduma O/S on and or is there a device made by Netduma? 

When I go to Netduma.com I see something (R2) for sale for 175.00. What is it I would be buying? A router? an OS? If its the OS how do I know what devices it works with?

If there is a device, whats its specs?

Does the XR1000 run the latest DumaOS?







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Hey Marc!

The XR1000 runs the latest version of DumaOS (3.0) and we do our best to get regular updates out for it!

However the R2 is our own router and naturally gets more frequent updates as well as some features before other DumaOS powered routers. You can view the specs of the R2 here: https://netduma.com/order/netduma-r2/

Just scroll down and hit 'Tech specs'

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1 hour ago, Dialsoft said:

Is this Duma OS 3.0  


If not how do I install the latest build?  The auto process says im using the current.


Yes, that's DumaOS 3.0 and it's the latest version for the XR1000 :) 

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