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Geo filter with Hybrid vpn


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I was wondering if it's possible to use the geofilter with the Hybrid VPN enabled. Did some research but couldn't find a answer.
I did some testing yesterday and the VPN is working, but the geofilter doenst show any servers for Call of duty Warzone.
So I have no idea to which server im connected.

Without the VPN the geofilter is working perfectly. 

Main reason i want to use the VPN is to connect faster to some regions. When i search for servers far away it takes a long time to connect.
My theory is if I use the vpn in that location with the geofilter, it connects faster. But maybe i'm wrong.


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Welcome to the forum!

Are you playing Warzone on console or PC? How do you have the VPN setup? Could you provide a screenshot?

It's also worth noting that VPNing game traffic will add an extra delay so you may notice matchmaking takes longer and your ping in-game increases. Geo-filtering to distant regions in general will have this effect and possibly damage your in-game experience.

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