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PS5 Issues

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this issue is only something that has come up over the last week or so, game in question is fifa 21 if that matters


but when searching for a game , the geo filter doesnt show any server being connected to, the connection has been a little off since this issue came about also!


when i turn off filtering i get servers the other side of the world with high MS which would be unplayable, when i play halo 5 on the xbox series S i have no issues with the Duma OS, its just the PS5 only



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Try this and see if it then starts to show servers when you're trying to filter:

  1. Quit the game back to console dashboard
  2. Remove device from the Geo-Filter
  3. Resync the cloud
  4. Re-add the device to the Geo-Filter
  5. Set up your radius/polygon to cover the server/area you want - keep Ping Assist on 0, strict mode on
  6. Wait 2 minutes
  7. Boot up the game
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I mean have you ever connected it via WiFi? If so then the PS5 may appear on the Device Manager as two separate devices so you may be adding the wrong one by mistake. Check the IP on the console itself and double check if its the device you think it is on the Device Manager.

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