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Some errors in log need explaining please


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Good day,

Can someone explain these errors in log:

1 ) Sun May 16 18:20:00 2021 kern.info kernel: [84124.143403] ash (15931): drop_caches: 3
2) Sun May 16 18:20:00 2021 cron.err crond[1403]: USER root pid 15931 cmd echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches
3) Sun May 16 18:18:50 2021 daemon.warn odhcpd[1369]: A default route is present but there is no public prefix on lan thus we don't announce a default route!


many thanks

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53 minutes ago, Troopergr said:

Yes but are they an issue ? What are those drop_caches?

No they're not an issue. It's clearing cache, like you would with a web browser to ensure top performance.

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