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authentication req'd prompt visiting dumaos/

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I've gone through the setup wizard and have internet connection but can no longer visit the dumaOS to start configuring my network.  It continues to.give me authentication prompts asking for username and password.

I've plugged in everything i could think of and still havent  been able to access.

I dont believe a username was ever required to be set up during the wizard.  Tried my ssid and password no luck.

Some advice or routing me to existing thread on this would be appreciated.

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Neither works.

Leaving it blank gives me an error: Missing JSON response.

I dont remember ever being prompted to create a username, just asked to set up my ssid/password.  Is there a workflow i can use to reset username/password or a path to create one.

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You will have to factory reset the router again, hold the reset button for 30 seconds, release, wait 2 minutes then access and go through the wizard again. Once you're in you can change it from the 3 dots icon on the top right of the interface

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