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i Play call of duty  WARZONE  on PC and my problem is that i CAN'T add to the White LIST or give permission to join my LOBBY PS4 Friends they don't Show on the NETDUMA R2 MAP..

i KNOW how to do it because as Soon as  my PC friends JOIN i can See them on the MAP and i can put them on  on my ALLOW friends LIST..

i already TRY everything and had no success with this problem ..

when i turn FILTER OFF they can or i can  JOIN but the Little Player Never Shows on The DUMA R2 MAP so there's no way to give them permission or add them to whitelist.. i Need Help 

like i SAY is only with PS4 friends when i play with PC friends immediately i can see them on the DUMA r2 MAP to add them on my allow list...   

there's no Point having this router if i cant turn filter ON with PS4 players 

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Hi i PLAY on PC ----->  my problem is with PS4 friends They don't show on NETDUMA Map so there's no way to add them on my allow or white List...!!

since they are out of the Filter Range i Can't play with them...

i Know how to add people to my allow list because i don't have any problem with my PC friends as soon i invite them they appear or show on the NETDUMA R2 Map and im able to select the yellow player and add them to my allow list after that they turn White and with a circle around and i can play with any PC player with no problem..


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Hello, welcome to the forum!

We're looking into cross play compatibility with the Geo-Filter currently, we use a lot of ports for the Geo-Filter so it's either using some outside this or its a more difficult issue. For the moment, disable the Geo-Filter, have your PS4 friends join, then you can re-enable the Geo-Filter and filter while still being connected to them.

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