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Hi, I am from the UK. I have BT FTTP I know very little about Routers. But I am unable to set up my netduma r2 router. I know that the BT Smart hub 2 does not have a bridge mode function. I believe I have read on other forums that you should be able to connect to the modem on the wall that the fibre cable runs into. Hope you can help. Thanks 

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Hi, you can remove your BTHUB router, plug the LAN cable from the white box on the wall to the INTERNET connection on your NETDUMA.

Change the settings as below, as your BT username and password are tied to the BT LINE not the HUB.

By doing the below method, you can get rid of the BTHUB and just use the NETDUMA with your Fibre.

The password is "bt" and change the setting to pppoe and username as in the picture.


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