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Telnet on Chinese XR500

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I have yet to find a way to make connection with the Telnet deamon on an XR500 from China.

The option is not on the debug page of the router.

And it did respond well to magic packet carrying such request.

Is there an established route to make connection with such a device?



Firmware version    XR500 V2.3.2.114

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Hey, welcome to the forum!

Telnet functionality has been disabled in the later firmware versions so there is no way to access it unfortunately. What is your use case for wanting access?

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I see, that is indeed unfortunate. 
As you are sure aware, the functionality of OpenVPN has been locked out of DumaOS in hardwares manufactured for sale in China. 
It struck me that the region profile might be open for change, had I the access granted by Telnet.
Anyway, so much about that, thank you for the reply.

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