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First hint of lag today due to netflix?

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Hi all,

I am quite new to the duma router (r2) and I have it setup for call of duty and its great <40ms every match :). However I started to notice some ping spikes today suddenly jumps to what ever ping is displayed as red in call of duty modern warfare 2019. 

500mbps from virgin but its not ever been 500 so i manually set the speeds of the router to 425/35. 

Congestion control i leave on always and its set to 75% on upload and dl.

Gaming is 23 in bandwidth allocation and others are 10.

Also my ports are all different link speeds due to I didn't have enough cat6+ cables around so i used what i had. However my gaming machine is fine showing as full duplex 1000 setup as follows:

Modem->R2->Switch->Gaming Machine .





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