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password is not working


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ive followed the steps on setting up the router i put the password on the wifi connection and it tells me invalid password and support is not helping me. if this doesnt  work i want my money back. 

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25 minutes ago, Dame said:

same problem here.. also how do you set the netduma to my router or modem I have both and don’t know how or which to connect to. 

Please follow the guide above for the WiFi issue. It can be connected to either, if you want to keep the existing router then connect to that, if you don't then you can connect direct to the modem and unplug the old router.

2 minutes ago, RobertM90 said:

am i pputting this new password after i reset or am i just putting this again?

No need to reset, just enter the new WiFi password in on your PC.

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im connecting the r2 to the modem. when i connect and check my wifi settings i put password and it says not valid so then im left with no internet. and my pc is not wireless i have to direct connect to use the internet.

i tried everything nothing is working.im not sure what to do anymore

maybe im not connecting the right wires to the right ports but im just gonna call my isp and see if they can help me

i was actually able to put in the password but then there was no internet connection not sure what happened

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