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Exitlag, Overwatch and Game optimiser

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I got Game optimiser for my sons thinking it would be a good idea. 

However one of my sons plays Overwatch using the VPN Exitlag which now is not working.  Does anyone know what the issue is?  I am no expert but can adjust settings etc Smiley Happy  I added the Overwatch servers seperately into Duma but the ping was very high so he still prefers to use Exitlag if I can't get it better thru the Optimiser.  Should I just stay with the VPN and forget about the Optimiser?  Hope this makese sense.  🤥

Thanks heaps


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Hey, welcome to the forum!

I have responded to you over on the Telstra community as well as another user. You should be able to use both at the same time, how did you add Overwatch exactly? Does Exitlag still route your connection in the best way to the server?


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