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XR500 with PC disconnecting from Windows/Xbox Party Chat

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I just got the XR500 hooked up and have gone through the optimization guides. I am on PC.

Everything seems fine except one issue I keep having is the windows/xbox party chat disconnects. I have allowed my friends that I can see on the map before using the geo-filter, then once I turn on the geo filter, boot up Warzone, and start playing, as soon as we get close to another team within the game it disconnects me from party chat and I cannot reconnect unless I go back to spectating mode.

Filtering Mode - On

Strict Mode - On

Auto Ping - On

Ping Assist - 0 aka disabled

Please let me know what other info I can tell you to help me out.


Thanks in advance.


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Hey, welcome to the forum!

Sorry to hear you're having this issue. When you get disconnected, have a look at the map with it zoomed out, do you see anything get blocked? If so then allow it and that should prevent the disconnection.

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