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XR1000 or RAX120 Post support

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RAX120 has a new version being released which is Qualcomm IPQ8074 V2. This covers all the new standards. The version 1 is IPQ8074 V1.2 Hawkeye. These run at 2.2Ghz plus have 1.7Ghz dual core network processor.

The XR1000 is a Broadcom BCM6750 triple core at 1.5Ghz. One of its cores is used for Network processing.You can’t compare both routers as they have completely different specs. None of these support 4K QAM. You would need Qualcomm FastConnect 6900 or 6700 as these cover 6E too.

The IPQ8071a is 1024QAM which is part of the 600 pro range.


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