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  1. Whether it will not take too long to follow up, it is expected that XR series new products will be produced in 2020; Not 2022? And ...
  2. 60 GHz Wi-Fi is about to be approved: Qualcomm, Gengxing push 802.11 ay In October, Qualcomm became the first vendor to offer 802.11 ay wireless chip solutions. 802.11 ay is an upgrade standard for 802.11 ad. Based on the 60 GHz band load, it is not only faster, but also has a wider range of transmission, and the delay is lower than the common 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. 802.11 ay's bandwidth can reach 10 Gbps, while 802.11 ad is only 5 Gbps.
  3. The two upstairs did not understand my statement, Jingdong naturally can not buy; Only b&amp abroad H Direct to China, but must have the full PayPal balance and can not be paid in the foreign currency of the PayPal union card. Now can you understand the situation very well? And ...
  4. Chinese domestic purchases is not a small problem, Jingdong does not have XR series RAX is also pre-sale! What? At the same time b& H does not support Payoneer-
  5. Thank the Great God for his patient and meticulous answers and is extremely grateful; I believe I'm ready to make the best choice.
  6. However, fish and bear Palm can not have both! If you want to upgrade the main frequency of the network processor, you will lose DumaOS's powerful network management ... sigh!
  7. If you can see it in the third quarter, I am willing to wait for the party once; If that's not the case, we 'll have to consider rax120.
  8. I hope a good meal isn't too late-it's been months of waiting
  9. All right! I understand you, but this information is confidential, right? And ...
  10. And: Domestic hardware manufacturers, in the second half of the year consider the adaptation of 802.11 AX; Therefore, it is urgent to know whether the next XR series product has considered supporting 802.11 AX
  11. Sorry,AIex;Let you twist my meaning; I mean the question of the new product release plan a few months later. AD's words are only supported by Asustek game mobile phones in China. The XR700 is a high-grade version of XR500/AC in China, so I hope this pain point can be changed.
  12. Will there be XR750 or XR900 in the next month? , Network Processing Chip Main Frequency Upgrade and WPA3; And the pricing geometry of the new product line? $600 to start? And ...
  13. Is it an opportunity to make a new model when it is expected to be in IFAD 2019? Network processing chip frequency improvement, WPA3, the most important is to support AX; 24 Wi-Fi streams.
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