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  1. Each network device's behavior grab, set guardian supervision object; Use network layer technology or UDP protocol communication to obtain what each device is doing, such as brushing and shaking. Hope your company research needs, consider adopting. Thank you!
  2. It's kind of like the LDPRC low-density parity algorithm of each router.
  3. TCP: The congestion processing of router transmissions, a set of advanced optimization and excellent algorithms to solve such phenomena are integrated into router systems.
  4. It is already open, and there are several occasions a week when the chance of occurrence is high; I wonder if your company can locate the problem.
  5. In the notebook, 5 GHZ, within a day or a few hours(occasional high), more than three times off the Internet; Cell phone sleep several times during the night, and even sometimes this chance is higher than the domestic device route, is it firmware BUG? And lower-end mobile phones can not be connected even if the upper 5 GHZ band signal is strong; Can only be connected to the 2.4 GHZ frequency band. In fact, these lower-end phones are supported by the AC protocol?
  6. Just one door closed, and I'm upstairs in my office.(Cell laptop 5 GHZ full cell signal strength, or low-end cell phone RF overflow)
  7. That's great, that's exciting news; The confidentiality agreement has been signed and strictly adhered to. DumaOS is efficient, the best routing system I 've ever used!
  8. Close smart connection, 2.4 and 5 separate; The single 2.4 signal downstairs is very weak. What is the reason? Do we have to double-frequency optimization? And ...
  9. Put my family members equipment, build a circle of trust; The unsaved password transmission password connection in the circle, that is, there is no verification of the problem authentication, and the stranger device in the circle group has not immediately stolen the connection password. It is necessary to answer the verification question and the administrator authentication; Or say that the quality of the Chinese people is very low. Most of them are tenants of those residential buildings(master keys). At most, they can preset three verification problems and appear randomly each time. Effective prevention of these uninvited guests.
  10. Yeah, okay; Thank you so much! A period of time in which technical means are expected to be achieved.
  11. Yeah, okay; Thank you so much! A period of time in which technical means are expected to be achieved.
  12. If you can implement this configuration setting function, it seems that the problem of overloading of overseas cases can be solved in accordance with the customer transfer rule. Now I hope that the expansion of DumaOS can support it. Courtesy ...!
  13. It seems that the XR700 bought a little hasty, only to solve the questionnaire to answer the network environment. I need to fight for my college graduate salary(in case of illness, so as to have thousands of yuan in activity funds)
  14. Can QoE be put on the agenda first, in addition to the current download, uploaded views to add real-time ping delay milliseconds and network buffeting values, and the most important network environment before the estimation of points, excellent median difference level?
  15. Sorry, just checked the equipment downstairs; It is the fault display of Speedtest. It is strange that the rate of 100 trillion can be measured downstairs, and only 50 can be measured upstairs; I thought 150 was assigned! Shameless-manage the big lock operation it, add mushrooms.
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