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  1. According to my current part-time income and ability to accumulate funds, I should not be able to buy the next router until wifi7 (802.11be), but I don't know what the plan of XR series is. However, according to the current forecast, if there is no new product in the first half of the year, it is possible that the new wifi7 802.11ad was very unique. Lead what doesn't follow
  2. The iphone12/Pro version supports the wi-fi protocol of 802.11ay, and the XR's path to AD can be extended. There is no need to transfer strategy to follow up wifi6/6e technology. That's exactly what I'm looking forward to, although it's possible I'll buy an iphone12/Pro.
  3. Follow up with wifi6E or 802.11ay. Then ask Duma3.0 about the progress of the effort to eliminate serious bugs. .
  4. OAM Vortex electromagnetic wave technology is more advanced and better than OFDAM modulation.
  5. I know these two functions, I want to put the usb flash drive movie through the router; Push to (e.g. in-network smart phone or device)
  6. Let's say I have a solid usb drive that plugs into our router. The above movies can be pushed to users in the network through the administrator account login APP, with the help of the Media service of the router. It's just an idea
  7. The port can be sealed according to security requirements, and the tone tone UDP communication port; Duma 3.0 built-in traffic firewall and other security technologies, is just a fantasy(also know that XR is the main game aspect)
  8. I see, it seems that this aspect is still not deeply involved!Thank you for your careful answers --
  9. I am referring to R-APPS, the router app download channel. There is parental control and remote login in the Netware wizard. Netgear UP does not have, but it is not clear whether R-APPS is an application or a component in DumaOS GUI.
  10. I'm talking about how you download R-APPS. You're wrong.Duma 3.0. I know it's not too late for a good meal, but sooner or later it's our test experience.
  11. There is no remote login and parental control in this, as well as Media; Function is not as good as Netware Wizard!
  12. Netware wizard can find, this can not find where to download; Please provide a download address, thank you!
  13. Using extension plug-ins to achieve unexpected new feature experiences, even though the XR700 has been released for a while(Soc core for 5 years), it can also achieve class functions(some level of later router features)
  14. Each network device's behavior grab, set guardian supervision object; Use network layer technology or UDP protocol communication to obtain what each device is doing, such as brushing and shaking. Hope your company research needs, consider adopting. Thank you!
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