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  1. Or is it only qualcomm IPQ8071A can 4K-QAM, I vaguely remember 8071A is not too new architecture, XR1000 is what network processing chip and Rax120, firmware upgrade channel, drive hardware support 4K-QAM (see millet AX6000 feelings)
  2. Some of the key new features in the 11be technology, such as the 320 Mhz uhf bandwidth, will have to be implemented in the new 6 Ghz Wireless Band. This means that 11be doesn't have maximum speed on WiFi6 compatible bands, and that 11be's true full speed wireless bands don't actually go down to previous Wi fi standards. And that complicates things. Because if the next-generation "WiFi7" standard is destined to speed things up by introducing new wireless bands that are different from the old ones, then 11be isn't the only option, or even the best option. Because there's a faster wi-fi technology, called ieee 802.11Ay, that uses the 60 Ghz ultra-high wireless band and is designed for future indoor applications such as 8K video streaming and wireless VR head displays, and its single data stream (single antenna) bandwidth can be up to 44 GBPS, maximum support four data streams concurrently, that is, 176 gbps bandwidth. Note that 11be requires up to 16 concurrent data streams to reach the rumored "30 gbps, " which means that 802.11 Ay is 23.5 times faster than 802.11 be for single-antenna devices only. So how can we be sure that the slower 11be technology will be the WIFI7 of the future? Why do we say that? This actually stems from two "important new features" of the 11be technology. One is to double the number of concurrent data streams (MIMO) from a maximum of 8 to a maximum of 16 in this generation, and the other is to add a new "collaborative multi-user multi-input multi-output (cmu-MIMO) " function. More tellingly, the 11be era requires a super wireless card with 16 antennas to really enjoy the 30 gbps of bandwidth that the technology claims, then there is the need to buy a wireless router with 16 antennas (32 if the transmitter and receiver are separated, and 96 if the frequency bands are further separated) . And if you can't afford a single router, the 11be technology allows you to buy two sub flagships with half an antenna each, and then they can work together to achieve antenna concurrency. FACEBOOK (Facebook) and the wi-fi technology alliance promote 802.11Ay, and the digest proves it.
  3. Join Bitfard and Armor, or stand-alone Webmasters as opposed to the XR1000. Can the XR700 Duma OS30's so-called enhanced network security be planned in this way.
  4. NSLOOKUP IPCONFIG network delay, fluctuation, network environment quality index Qoe, and network troubleshooting of the professional toolbox; the name of it, I do not have to describe it, you are more professional than me (I have to find it from the Article Collection!)
  5. It's said not to be backwards compatible with the current WIFI6, so it's probably safe to ignore it; it's straight up layer by layer (dumaos 3.0-4.0) , 802.11 be at the end of the 4.0 test (wifi7 comes with a router)
  6. In view of the relationship between the epidemic, anticipation and prediction, the fastest 2021 XR series will usher in product updates and technological changes, with Networking Pro1610,1g1g configurations; after Dumaos 4.0 Beta(New XR series router)
  7. If it is Networking PRO1200, but does not support 1200 mhz bandwidth and 6 Ghz; it does support 12-channel data streams -
  8. Both are 5GHZ AC connections, but both display 866 instead of 1733; so worry about not running up to 500M bandwidth -
  9. XR700 AC1733 but the laptop and phone both show 866, so can it power the 500M bandwidth upgrade?Cell phones and laptops don't support 4 * 4 mu-mimo, just 2 * 2
  10. I know; I asked indirectly if the XR would follow, because the Dumaos esport routing system is much better than Netgear's original -- and the XR hasn't been around for a long time!
  11. Ax 6GHZ special band and special 1200MHZ bandwidth; Networking PRO1200 QUALCOMM chip. Don't know when there'll be a device on board?
  12. According to my current part-time income and ability to accumulate funds, I should not be able to buy the next router until wifi7 (802.11be), but I don't know what the plan of XR series is. However, according to the current forecast, if there is no new product in the first half of the year, it is possible that the new wifi7 802.11ad was very unique. Lead what doesn't follow
  13. The iphone12/Pro version supports the wi-fi protocol of 802.11ay, and the XR's path to AD can be extended. There is no need to transfer strategy to follow up wifi6/6e technology. That's exactly what I'm looking forward to, although it's possible I'll buy an iphone12/Pro.
  14. Follow up with wifi6E or 802.11ay. Then ask Duma3.0 about the progress of the effort to eliminate serious bugs. .
  15. OAM Vortex electromagnetic wave technology is more advanced and better than OFDAM modulation.
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