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Network Monitor and Snapshot display issues

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Modem / Router Firmware LH1000 - 0.12.15r
Duma OS version - 3.0.167

I found an number of anomalies, can you advise if these are intentional or bugs?
Duma OS is running stock (post reset), no changes.

The Telstra user manual - Game Optimiser User Guide (telstra.com.au) appears to not have these issues in the Network Overview / Monitor screenshots.
Is there a newer version of Duma OS or do I need to make any adjustments here?


Network Snapshot

* Shows downloads counted in fractions of Mbps
* Graph X axis is missing when there are a large number of devices connected

(refer to Network Snapshot.jpg)





Network Monitor

* Downloads are being counted in fractions of Mbps, was downloading at approx 20Mbps at the time

(refer to Network Monitor 1.jpg)



* Uploads are counting ok in integers

(refer to Network Monitor 2.jpg)






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When you hover over the line or bar graphs it should give an accurate view of how much it is down/uploading. If it's more than that then it's not reporting correctly. Do you mean the X axis disappears when X amount of devices are shown or when a certain amount of bandwidth is used? Thanks for letting us know, I will let the team know so they can have a look.

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