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Username and Password will not work for web interface

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Hey all,

This was easy to setup, getting to the web interface is easy, everything is smooth. However, if I reboot my setup and it brings up the username/password for the netduma web gui, I can't log in. I'm not fat fingering my username/password, and I have reset the router and done this about 5 times now. Initial setup automatically authenticates for me, but if I reset the router, I get to the login screen and I can't get in (via the username/password that I setup via the initial setup framework it runs you through).

Anyone else have this issue? Brand new Netduma I got right before Xmas, 2020. 

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Hey, welcome to the forum!

Sorry to hear you're having this issue. Do a factory reset, then during the wizard keep the login details at the default - admin / password then once you've completed the wizard change them from the top right of the interface then reboot, do they work then?

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Nope - I tried this tactic about 3/4 times as I figured I just fat fingered it. By the 3rd time, I realized something was up with my device or I might have potentially run into some kind of wizard bug. I could try it again, but don't see the point. Any other ideas?

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