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R2 stopped working. Cant connect to wifi or through pc. Factory setting also not working.


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I think i might have to call it a day with R2 and get a refund. This is just too stressful atm. 

Can anyone help? 

i have tried with different modems and routers but no joy. Not sure what else to do. 

I tried factory resetting. Held button down sometimes for 5mins and nothing happened. 

dont know what else to do. 

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22 minutes ago, Netduma Fraser said:

Just to be clear, are you able to access the internet or interface at all?

Once you've reset it you will have to complete the setup wizard to get a connection again.

You can see our terms here: https://netduma.com/terms/


i am not able to access the internet using the R2.

I cant find the Netduma r2 wifi on any of my devices as well.

i keep getting limited access when i connect my Pc to Netduma. I just dont know where the problem is and i usually good with stuffs like this. 

If only the factory reset worked. Held it for several minutes but no changes to light or anything. 

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On 12/26/2020 at 9:22 PM, Netduma Fraser said:

You won't get internet until the setup wizard has been completed, after the reset can you access the interface?

You are not getting me mate. The reset is not working. Nothing works. I was so frustrated i haven’t even touched the router for 3 days. I have completely give up mate. This is the most frustrating piece of equipment i have ever purchased. 

i have tried the reset, held for 2-4-5-10 mins and not a flash of light. The lights on router just stay thesame. I really dont know what to do now i have an obsolete £130 crap. I have tried 3 different routers and took to my mates. I have tried the setup wizard as well. Nothing works. 
I cant find the R2 wifi anymore and when i try to connect wired to my pc, i get Limited internet access where nothing loads on my web browser. 

My 14days return date ends tomorrow so am stucked with a gadget i cant work out 

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