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Upload speed no more than 40mb/s PS5

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I just received yesterday my new NETDUM R2 in order to be able to improve the quality of my games on FIFA21.

I have been noticing that the upload speed is not going higher thatn 40mbs and I got the QOS for gaming at 90% (Download and upload). 

My contracted speeds is 1gbps for Down and UP and when I do a speed test in my laptop it provides the correct speed for both. 

In PS5 I am having 600mbs download and 40mbs upload. 

Any setting should I recheck? Congestion control is set as never. 



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Hey, welcome to the forum!

Console speed tests aren't usually as accurate as PC, it even says the test is an estimate when you do it. Gaming doesn't need anywhere near that amount of bandwidth, it will only use at most 1Mbps. If you disable QoS completely then it may appear higher but its not needed.

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