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Remote Management Issues on XR500

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Hello! First I am new to the forums here at NetDuma after trying to search first I came up with no results for my case so I decided to post myself... Hello people of NetDuma! haha....

Anyways the issue I appear to be having on my XR500 is when I enable remote management and get the port in this case "8443" and I attempt to connect to it outside of my home network I get the lethal "This Site Cant Be Reached. The connection was reset" and I cannot connect to the router... for the sake of testing purposes I even am currently allowing connections from "everyone" in the system to rule out any issues there but still no luck. Any advice?

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Hey, welcome to the forum!

What is your exact physical setup? As in what is the XR connected to, a pure modem or a modem/router (has WiFi)? If the latter have you done anything such as DMZ, bridge mode etc to ensure the XR is accessible?

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Its connected to a just a pure modem the ISP I am currently using (Spectrum I know gross) when they did this install they didnt put their terrible modem/router combo in here they just gave me a modem and I used my own router which was a different netgear product until getting the DumaOS one.

Attached to the left here is a photo of my remote setupce799982730edd08fd411f8cd7571d1d.thumb.png.94153fb80c8fc3102c15fd1a517a4a7d.png

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