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XBOX Party Chat - Issue - ON PC


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Scenario 1: Open Win+G, click the Party button, connects seemlessly chat in xbox party no issue, start game COD: BOCW everything works great.
Scenario 2: In this one (not same as 1 above) Start COD:BOCW, load into multiplay hit WIN+G click Party Button or join friends party, says "Connecting..." forever, note that I am already in a game and I try to party up and it doesnt work.
Scenario 3: Instead of using XR500, I connect to my Verizon Hot Spot on my mobile phone, connect to COD:BOCW play multiplayer, hit Win+G and try to start party or join party, and it works seamlessly, no issues.

Things to take note of:

- To solve for scenario 2, I have turned off QOS, Set PC to spectating, unchecked DumaOS classified games, NONE WORKED
- Have tried this on 3 different PC's all loading up COD: BOCW and the same thing happens, all Win10
- Have tried XR500 wired and wireless separately(disabling one while trying the other) same issue.

It seems COD:BOCW is blocking some protocol or ports etc once it is running that will not let Xbox Party chat work through either the game bar or the new xbox windows app.

What is the issue here, and can you walk me through how to fix this?  Please advise

Ron P.

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