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R2 unwanted block and genshin impact


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Hello there, some month ago someone asked for Genshin Impact to be added to the game list, unfortunately it still isn't in there so automatic congestion control isn't working

Can you please add it to the "DumaOS Classified Games"?

Then there is the Uncategorized categorie for QoS (image attached) good part of that are games, so the feature will never work the way I as an enduser expect.

Also why is the "Traffic Prioritization Selector"(Basic) as limited as it is, when you already have a categorized list with hundreds of applications?

Sorry, maybe I just don't understand how this is supposed to work.


Also there is a false positive in the malware list: "t.umblr.com"


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In my ticket for this I can see it has been completed so I've chased the team member on this as it's clearly not been done fully. We're still fine tuning our lists so these will be moved. We will be adding a lot more to that, don't worry! 

Thanks for the false positive, you can add that as a whitelist entry for now so it doesn't get blocked.

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