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FIFA 21 problem on PC


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Hi everyone. I have a Netduma R2 that I bought so it can help me eliminate bad connection but still I have a weird problem. I am from Serbia and I mostly play FIFA 21 on PC. My closest server is in Germany and when it's day time it's mostly fine, good connection(30,40ms ping). But at evenings I struggle a lot, it's unplayable(80ms to 160ms ping). Weird problem is that on Geo Filter when I see the ping of the server, it's normal, while in-game the connection meter shows spikes and double the ping. I called my provider and they said it's not their problem and when I tracert the server, I get more than 30 hops so I don't know what to do to fix it. I guess it's the server problem but is there an option to minimize it? Thanks in advance! (P.S. I think that the servers on consoles are not the same as on PC, cause on PS4 I had better connection.) 

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Hey, welcome to the forum!

So it could be a couple of things, unfortunately none of them router related:

  • Peak time congestion from the ISP - this is likely as it is good during the day and worse in the evening
  • The Geo-Filter ping reports fine so the direct route to the server is good but in game ping suffers - this would indicate the game server is under heavy load, again this is likely given the time of day
  • Least likely given previous information but the ISP puts you on a slow path to the server - if the ping on the Geo-Filter is the same then this can't be true
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