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Xr1000 geofilter peers

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Hey everyone, 

ive been playing with settings and trying to learn more and more with this new OS. Really liking the increased speeds of the xr1000, and the ease of most of the settings. One thing I don’t see often though is when my squad joins my lobby I don’t see them pop up on the geofilter. I tried turning off filtering, turning off Xbox series x, then refreshing cloud, turning Xbox back on and they still don’t pop up. I’d like to white list them or does it not matter on warZone and Cold War?

thank you all!

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Really glad to hear that! Well when they join you do you have any connection issues e.g. talking to them, staying in the same lobby etc? If not then you don't need to do anything. I believe Xbox is transitioning to a server based system so it is possible you won't see them individually appear on the map anymore.

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