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Halo 5 servers


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I am having trouble with the Geo-filter while playing Halo 5 on my Xbox console. The problem is that always when I start a gaming session, the first few games fail to connect, that is, I get kicked out of the game right after the game is found and before the map loads… Specially after I restart the game or the console. Then eventually it finds a game and it works, then it doesn’t fail again. When it fails, I don’t see any server blocked, so it is a mystery as to why is happening. But I know it is the router because if I turn off the geo-filtering it never fails, but then I get a server outside of Europe… So the feature works, but it is a hassle every time I play to get it to start working…. Is there any fix for this?

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Also there are some servers Halo 5 uses that are incorrectly Geo-placed.   There is a farm that show in the middle of US (see my attachment, where I have a box) that is probably located in Europe (I get like 40 ms from Spain).  Also this server appears in Australia and is actually in the UK as the name (Uksxt01) and the ping time show:


31 ms

Host Type




Domain Name




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