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WAN Disconnected

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Hey Team,

I have been having issues with the WAN showing disconnected on my R2.  This happens about once per day and ends up requiring a reboot of the router and modem for it to start working again.  I thought maybe it was a modem issue, but the issue only occurs with my R2, but not with my XR500.  Here is a little info on the setup:

Modem: Linksys CM3024

Router: R2 (3.0.179, R2 was factory reset after update)

AP: XR500 (Set in AP mode, running V2.3.2.104-DumaOS3.0-Beta)

DNS: Pihole on Raspberry PI (adblock disabled on R2 because I was having very slow loading times, even when disabling default lists and configuring pihole lists on R2)

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Sorry to hear you're having this issue. This is something we are aware of and looking into, would you mind posting some more information here: https://forum.netduma.com/topic/33667-having-disconnect-issues-please-post-here/ so that the devs can take a look please?

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