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PingPlotter results, Looking for some help

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Hello all,

So I am just trying to see if I have any issues with my connection as I am not the smartest with pingplotter. What made me concerned with my connection was that I would get huge latency spikes during upload test on DSLreports. Also some spikes on Warzone.

I own a xr500 router with a CM100V2 modem with brand new cat 8 cables. ( over kill I know lol ). These test were done connected VIA Ethernet. What my main goal is to get all A+ on DSLreports and reduce the latency spikes I'm getting in pingplotter.


These are some results that I have to share.














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Hey, welcome to the forum!

Your PingPlotter results are really glad but I assume they were done on a quiet network? For Bufferbloat you really just need to experiment with the Anti-Bufferbloat/Congestion Control sliders to see what lowers it the most.

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