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85% Packet Loss- For real?

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I've recently set up my XR1000 router and have been gaming the last week and a half without many issues. However, the last few days I've noticed severe desync on Warzone. I went into the DumaOS softeware and ran the connection test:

Speed: A+, 771 / 858   download / upload

Ping: D, Avg Ping: 12.1ms, Jitter 0.32ms, Packet Loss 85%

Ping Test: D, Idle 12.73ms


This seemed insane that I was having this much packet loss...so I downloaded pingplotter, and I am running a steady 30ms ping to google.com with no indications of packet loss....

Is this packet loss real?? My gameplay feels off, but I have no idea how to resolve this issue.

QOS Settings:

70% upload and download

Equal bandwith distribution among 6 devices

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated...

EDIT: I am seeing more packet loss in game now

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Hey, welcome to the forum!

Connection Benchmark also uses the Google server so it's likely this was just an anomaly reading or it was only very brief packet loss. To either narrow it down or rule it out I'd suggest you try gaming direct to the ISP modem/router and doing PingPlotter tests directly to that and see if the issues continue or not.

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Thank you for the speedy reply. I was not able to connect a Ethernet cable to my ISP modem for some extremely odd reason..still working on that. However, I did connect to the Gateway's WIFI network. Pingplotter shows pretty extremely packet loss. Jumps from 30 ms to 100-150ms. Setting the QOS at 70% must make some difference, because it is smoothing out the Pingplotter packetloss...

But is there anything else I can do to improve my Ping score on the Connection benchmark test? Is this test before / after the router configurations?


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The ping test (not under load) is unaffected by QoS and is a representation of your standard connection so you have confirmed that there does seem to be some instability with the base connection. If the modem is a pure modem or in modem mode you would need to unplug the router first before it would work with your computer. I'd recommend collecting some PingPlotter results over different times of the day direct to the modem and taking that to your ISP to see if they can resolve it.

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