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XR700 Suggestions 

Login Page

  • Admin user name change
  • Adjust certificate options for webpage allow user certificate or cert generation.
  • Dashboards slow as crap to load
  • Site timeout settings available for adjustment.
  • Open themes for custom themes (where the hell are they).
  • Certificate Login /Yubi key 

Lan Setup

  • Add custom DNS to DHCP fields.
  • DHCP per vlan (internal vlans)
  • Open all/more DHCP Server Options.
  • Combine DHCP and Device manager with hostnames.
  • Move setup to the the left main pane not a sub pan of settings. Maybe settings is the label of a section but not additional menu.
  • Secure DNS options
  • Name in the Device settings and dhcp should be the same length. 

Wireless Setup

  • Enterprise wireless hosted radius server certificate security
  • Add vlan assignments to wireless settings / additional DHCP.


  • Remove pane and use settings as label vs additional menu.

Device Manager

  • Device manager should integrate vlan and DHCP info/configs/assignments
  • Edit and save DHCP assignments from network map/table
  • Network Map sort table like excel spreadsheet
  • Network map table sort by IP /MAC/vlan assigned IP from Device settings
  • Device type hypervisor (Detect virtual mac /resolution)
  • Device type Server Add 
  • Device type  Other should be custom field
  • Device table multiple delete stale systems
  • Name in the Device settings and dhcp should be the same length. 


  • Dashboard takes over 6 second to load while 5 feet away from it. 
  • If you have installed apps there is the repo for more apps?


  • Add NordVPN to provider
  • assign VPN to VLAN

USB Storage

  • iSCSI options for remote storage.
  • Remove smb1 security vulnerability/off by default.
  • Format HDD to supported formats NTFS/EXT4/XFS/etc

Other Apps

  • Antivirus Options
  • Secure DNS
  • Filtered DNS
  • Adblocking (hosted pihole?)

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