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XR500 and Philips Hue bridge BUG

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Hallo everyone 

I have some strange problem with my XR500 and home lights from Philips Hue.

Not so long ago I changed my ISP for a better one (fiber connections) in begin I had combo modem/router from FritzBox 5490 with direct connected optic cable and I used DMZ for my XR500 DHCP and everything run good and for sure I could easily pair my bridge from Hue lights.

Now I use media conventer (NTU/NT - fiber to Ethernet) and connected directly to my XR500 via PPPoE/vLAN (get public IP on my router) and my gaming experience is way better and after few setups and port prioritization is even more consistent and feels like I'm GOD player now! With I'm really happy but... when I try to use my lights problems are begin. I can see my bridge on the app but when I try to confirm pair with pushing button nothing happens... like is not receive this signal from the Hue bridge. Is that a BUG of the DumaOS software? Maybe someone know how to fix it ? 

At this moment I found temporary solution with extra router DHCP after xr500 (my old R1) and just for lights... I don't want to switch between my Wi-Fi at home to turn on or off the lights...



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There have been some issues we've seen with the hue in the past but hopefully that won't be your issue here. It's possible that it is PPPoE/VLAN that is causing it as that is new to your setup, could you use the R1 ahead of the XR to handle this and then see if it works when using the XR? Also are the bridge and device used connected to the same WiFi network e.g. 2.4 or 5GHz? Some devices can be particular about them both being connected to the same WiFi.

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