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Recent upgrade to DumaOS

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I've recently upgraded my Netduma R1, I purchased the device in 2017 and everything has been working well for years until I upgraded the OS. I've been looking through the forums to find the issues that I'm having but not having much luck.

Firmware Version
DumaOS Version	1.3.29

Current setup is the Netduma is linked to a BT homehub 6, Netduma broadcasting an SSID and the BT box broadcasting another SSID. I connect consoles to the Netduma and connect my gaming PC to the LAN ports, everything on this end seems to be working fine since the upgrade, but yesterday morning I woke up to work from home and unable to connect to my office's VPN from the Netduma, in the past this has been working fine. I spent hours trying to troubleshoot the issue thinking it was the ASA at my work but I dropped the Netduma out of the quotation and it started to work again, I'm using Shrewsoft VPN with a Cisco PCF file.

After some more playing around with the newest OS I started to turn some of the QoS and other features off, and the VPN connection seemed to connect but I'm getting a lot of spam in the logs and I don't know if this is working as intended or not?

Wed May 6 17:17:43 2020 kern.info dpiclass-daemon: Kill flow due to timeout

While connected to the VPN client while using the Netduma SSID I'm unable to resolve DNS but I'll need to investigate this further tomorrow morning to see if I can see it being dropped from the FW, but I just wanted to know if there's been big changes to the Netduma design for FW to start dropping packets etc?

This afternoon I thought I'll rollback to the original OS that was running before, I didn't really know which letter the version was but I read that they didn't really make much difference so I rollback to 1.03.6J and I'm still having the same issues through the Netduma, BT Homehub 6 is happy.


Just wondering if I could have some advise what else I could try, I've gone through all the factory reset, reboot and rollback and still having the issues. I really love using the Netduma and don't want to just remove it from my home network, I'd like to get it back working.


Thank you in advanced.

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Hey, welcome to the forum!

Sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue. It's interesting that it has only just happened as we haven't made any OTA upgrades to the router recently. Other than obviously using the network a lot more recently has anything else changed with your setup? 

This is an issue we're aware of so we will be looking into it but could you try some of these suggestions please:

  • Disable QoS completely from the Anti-Bufferbloat menu
  • Disable Hybrid VPN - even if you haven't used it I think it's toggled to on by default - unlikely to make a difference but as it is VPN related no harm in doing so
  • Do you know the ports required for the VPN? If so try port forwarding these to your PC. 
  • Is the R1 in the DMZ of your BT Hub? If not it definitely should be.
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Hello Fraser,

Thank you for the quick response!

I know it's bad practice, but I don't think I upgraded the router since I purchased it in 2017.. I'm not sure if it silently upgrades but I just plugged it and starting using it and it was amazing the difference it made. So I haven't touched it since then, when I logged into it I noticed the NetdumaOS upgrade and thought it probably was a good idea to update the R1.

I'll give your suggestions ago, hopefully it will resolve my issue, yes the R1 is in the DMZ on my BT Hub.

Thanks again.

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