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Netduma Install

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First time using Netduma  and linking it.

I'm using a ***** Modem for testing.

I noticed the Mikrotik RB-951 which I have a few lying around here.

I was wondering can you install Netduma on a stock standard RB951?



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Hey, welcome to the forum!

That isn't possible unfortunately, to be able to install the software on the router it has to go through the installation process at our distribution facility. Perhaps one day in the future we may offer it as a download that people can install on their own routers but that isn't something we're looking at right now.

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36 minutes ago, Angrytelstraman said:

Thanks for the info,

Damm the XR700 is expensive lol 

Lets see if I can get one


You have other options - XR300, XR450 and the XR500 which would all be cheaper than the XR700. It really depends on your needs/speeds as to whether you'd really benefit from the XR700 over the other XR routers.

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