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Warzone pong issues in london

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Hello guys I understand the warzone servers are bad already but just wondering if there’s any way I can only connect to one server continuously? I’ve had one peer and dedicated server near me where I’ve gotten 10-15ms and so about 30-40 in game but now all I can get is 25-30 and 40-50? Am I just being picky or is there a way I can get a solid under 20?

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Hey, welcome to the forum!

Realistically if you could only force the exact same server every time then you would have very long search times waiting for the server to become free, that being said it's not possible to make it put you on the same server every time. You could block every other server instead of one but then you'd likely get the issue I just mentioned if it even put you on it at all. Those pings are very good. 5ms variance really isn't much, it would be barely noticeable, does it spike more than this. You're Geo-Filter settings sound fine if those are the games you're getting. Optimizing QoS may help though, I'd recommend doing a lot of downloads while following this guide and changing your Anti-Bufferbloat percentages (using Always) until you find what lowers the ping/keeps it stable the most. 


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