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original firmware the xr700 came with

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Guest Killhippie
16 hours ago, slickrick6922 said:

does anyone know what,    SFP+ is now connected means,   when this happens to the xr700 the internet disconnects for 3 seconds, just long enough to get booted off when gaming.never mind,  I think I figured iy out.

Yoiu do realise using the original firmware leaves you wide open to a DoS vulnerability, so you could be taken off line and your LAN compromised.


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27 minutes ago, Netduma Fraser said:

Are you using the SFP port/SFP module at the back of the router at all?

yes , only because I bought this router when it was first released and it wasn't stable  on most FW's without going this route . then it seemed that the more that was add in the FW's that was stable the laggyer the Duma Os page was.  on the first couple FW's for the xr700 the Duma os page is lightening fast.  but anyways ,  thanks for the info.

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