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Geo Filter help

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I am making the filter on the zone 'France'. When i do matchmaking, it choose automatically the opposant.

Can i choose by myself which opposant? (I put on 'Strict mode' and the console is on filtering mode)

Thanks, best regards.

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Welcome to the forum!

With the Geo-Filter, you have to specify in advance what areas of the map you want to block.

It would be great if we could give you the choice between opponents but unfortunately this would require us to have control over the game's code.

As it is, what you can do is to make the radius very small and put it directly over the peer/server you want to connect to. This will block everything except that peer/server. It won't however drop a connection which is already established. The settings usually won't take effect until you close and restart the game.


Another option would be to individually allow the peer/server you want. Turn off Auto Ping Host, then click on the peer/server you're interested in when it appears on the map. Give it a name and click ALLOW. 

Now put your radius in the middle of the ocean and everything except that peer/server will be blocked.


Let me know if you have any more questions!

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