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Speed are abysmal using the Netduma


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Hi Guys,

Had my Netduma for a while. However due to family commitments and work have not been gaming as much and after moving house the Netduma never got set back up again.

Now getting back into it, im seeting it all up however my speeds are horrendous when connected to the Router.

Without the router, i'm getting a consistent 60-70 mps on all devices. 

When connected to the Netduma they are plummeting around 10-20 sometimes even less.

Any help would be appreciated, I have read the guides but no luck. i have the BT homehub, if that helps!!



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Hi Harry,

Let's start by checking it's all connected properly. You have the fiber/adsl connected to the home hub, and one of the LAN ports on the home hub is connected to the WAN port on the R1.

Under QoS on the R1, your maximum bandwidth is set to 70mbps and, for now at least, anti-bufferbloat is set to Never. In the Bandwidth Allocation side menu, Share Excess is ticked. You need to do this separately for both Download and Upload.

If your speeds are still lower than expected, try ticking Disable QoS in the anti-bufferbloat side menu and test again. This will help us to narrow down where the problem is occuring.

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