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Hi folks,

Not yet made the leap and was hoping for some info.

I'm thinking of buying the xr700.

There would be 3 PC clients connected via ethernet, three ninty switches via WiFi, 2 ps4 via WiFi 4 mobile phones and a TiVo via ethernet.

My current router handles this ok, though not everything is connected at the same time. 

What I'm not sure about is the netduma qos and geofilter. I don't know if i can apply these features to just one main gaming PC/client or if I can run these features concurrently on each rig.

Basically I'd like my main PC along with my two sons PCs utilising the netduma features at the same time.

It's that feasibly possible?


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Hey, welcome to the forum!

The overall main feature of QoS will affect all devices but this is to make sure that everything can use the internet at once without causing congestion. The other features of QoS can be device dependent. You'll also be able to add your 3 devices to the Geo-Filter but they will have to use the same Geo-Filter settings. Hope that clears it up!

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