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PC Destiny 2 No Matchmaking


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I'd like to play Destiny 2 without matchmaking so that I can complete some bounties faster. 

I have an XR500 on FW Version 

I added my Desktop (configured as a console on dumaos), set the profile to Destiny, moved the location to the atlantic ocean and set the distance to 69 Miles.

Filtering mode is on and I'm still joining instances with other players. 

Is there anythinng else i can do?

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Yes, I definitely agree, Destiny 2 is a wonderful game, but it has a pretty complicated gameplay. A lot of people are looking for some easy and fast way to acquire some bonuses in this game, and I am not an exception. I've been playing Destiny 2 for a half of year and I can say that this game is definitely one the most difficult that I have ever tried. The raids in this game are just way too complicated. My character was very weak, so I didn't have another option than using this boosting service https://epiccarry.com/destiny-2/. It changed everything. Now I enjoy the gaming process much more, and it's very interesting to play

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