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XR500 - DHCP Issues

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I've had my router for about 6 months now and after the initial incosistent performance issues (resolved by disabled QOS) has been fairly stable.

I have about 30 Wifi connected devices in my house, spread over 2.4 and 5GHz wifi.

In the last few weeks, i've noticed some of the mobile phones in the house can't connect to wifi and they keep reporting "Unable to retrieve IP address"

I am running the latest firmware.

Are there any tweaks to DHCP or anything we can do to extend the lease window?



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Hey, welcome to the forum!

Sorry to hear you're having this issue. How do you connect them back to WiFi - reboot or do they just reconnect after X amount of time? How long can they not connect for? Do they all experience it at once or is it random for each device? No other devices are affected?

There is no way to extend the lease via the Netgear settings unfortunately. I'd suggest setting a static/reserved IP for one of the affected devices and see if it fixes the issue. If it does we know that's the problem, otherwise we can look elsewhere.

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Rebooting the router is the quickest fix but then knocks out all devices for a few mins.

My Nvidia Shield is currently experiencing the issue. It tells me its connected but no internet access.

Searching the forums it seems DHCP is a common issue with the XR500 ?



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