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XR300 - FIFA 20

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I have been getting a lot of mid game disconnections since i have switched to my XR300. Could this be to do with the geo-filter? I would of thought it would only kick me out at the start if anything. 

I lose my connection to ea servers but nothing else. I stay in my party and all other devices are un affected. It also lets me straight back on with no issue.

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Hey, welcome to the forum!

The only way I could see it being the Geo-Filter is if they did a mid game check to a server that may be blocked. Do you see anything blocked on the Geo-Filter when this happens? If so you should be able to add it to your allow list and then you won't get the issue again. If this is the case, please provide us with the ID of the server and we can add it to the cloud. Easiest way to tell with the Geo-Filter if you're not easily able to look at the time is to put it in Spectating Mode and see if the issue still occurs.

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