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The device manager does not show devices that are actually online.  They show everything offline (except my cell phone.)  Including the tablet that I am using to look at the Duma OS, when the tablet is logged in and looking at the device manager page.  Using latest version.  I've seen multiple people complain about this.  Is this going to be fixed?

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1 minute ago, Netduma Alex said:

Some people have found that this issue was not present in the previous version of the firmware. This is an issue that we're aware of and NETGEAR is also aware of.

So hopefully it's being worked on?

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Guest Killhippie
On 7/18/2019 at 4:38 PM, Netduma Alex said:

Yes indeed but I don't want to make any promises about when it will be fixed, in case we run into extra problems getting it fixed.

I mean its only been 7 months since this bug was created by milestone 1.3 aka v2.3.2.40 so no rush hey 🙄

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