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XR500: Mismatched port numbers on

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I was reading some threads around here saying how the on some early manufactured models of the XR500, hardware ports were installed in reverse, leading to some software display inaccuracies.

On Best Buy, and other retailers, when looking at the back of the router, reading the ethernet ports from left-to-right, it reads: 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 -> Internet:




The same 1-2-3-4-internet is observed on the box itself showing the rear of the router.


However, on my router, it reads as 4 -> 3 -> 2 -> 1 -> Internet:


My main PC is the blue cable, plugged into what is labeled as port 1.

In Settings -> Monitoring -> Statistics, it correctly shows as LAN 1.
On the Device Manager, it shows as port 4



Also note that another device that I have plugged into the port labeled #3 (yellow cable) is showing as #3 on the Monitoring table, but #2 on the Device Manager table.

The mismatch here aside, I figured my router was one of those mislabeled ones, given that the display order of the ports differed from the retailer images, so I picked up another XR500, with the intent of returning my current one, however, the exact same ordering is present:


I am very confused at this point...

Are the retailer and box images incorrect and this is a software bug with the Device Manager table added in .40?  

Or are the retailer images correct and I received two routers with the error, even though one of them has a PC Magazine reward sticker on the box (which I am assuming means its manufactured later)?

Also, I am assuming either the Device Manager table, or the Monitoring table are bugged?


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Guest Killhippie

The original 1-2-3-4-WAN  was a printing error, the 4-3-2-1-WAN is the correct printing version on the back of the router, the mismatch in the DumaOS device manager table view is a bug that I believe is known about. Hope that helps.

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