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TIMVISION stream break down my connection


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My ISP (TIM in Italy) plan is 20/1 Mega, living near the ADSL exchange I get the maximum.

I use simultaneously with 3 devices, Yotube, InfinityTv (www.infinitytv.it) and Netflix with Duma OS no problem.

But if I use the stream of my ISP ........ TIMVISION (www.timvision.it), it only takes one (only one, the other not connected) devices in stream, my connection suffers a drastic decrease of performance ...... we are not talking about playing Battlefield with my Xbox -:( 

Duma OS does not solve the problem...............In truth it solves it but in a drastic way ... if I untick SHARE EXCESS in QoS ..... but having an ISP plan of only 20/1, on all the other devices the band is reduced.

I think my ISP does QoS on the TIMVISION service.

How can I show you the connection using a program with a Windows PC?
So that you can understand why TIMVISION break down all my activiti........even the only use of the browser.

Thank you very much for your support

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It does sound like TIMVISION is automatically being given priority. I'm wondering where that prioritization is occuring. Do you have an ISP router or modem upstream from your Netduma?

One potential idea: Maybe if TIMVISION is only on one device, we could set the High Priority Traffic options to detect TIMVISION on that device, and then activate some pretty drastic Anti-Bufferbloat while TIMVISION is running

Anyway the first thing we should do is use PingPlotter to get an idea of what's happening. Take a look at the following guide on how to use PingPlotter: https://forum.netduma.com/topic/23881-ping-plotter-quick-guide/

Basically you need to capture some data from when TIMVISION isn't running, and then start TIMVISION so that we can see the change on the graph. I'd expect the ping to start going up and down quickly once TIMVISION is started.

Once you've got that going, you could start adjusting the Anti-Bufferbloat sliders by 10% or so every time, and keep adjusting it until the ping goes back to a nice flat line. Then we can set up the Anti-Bufferbloat so that it will only activate when TIMVISION is being used.

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