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Possible Reason why I can't connect to BO4 servers recently?

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Just figured I'd snoop around and see why I haven't been able to connect to Call Of Duty BO4 Servers lately. I've tried ever setting possible in my XR500 to fix this to no avail. Also tried a spare Netgear Router I have lying around, Still Not Connected to Call Of Duty servers. Pulled up geo-filter and got the hostname of the server I usually connect to ingame, then opened pingplotter for a traceroute. Here are the results.

Now could level 3 be causing the issues with not being able to connect? Any advice would be appreciated. Haven't been able to play for a week or so.

dallas server.png

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Well it's possible... I know from personal experience that when I've tried to ping servers in PingPlotter that I got from DumaOS, it would often not work even though I could connect from inside the game. I wonder if this is because the server only accepts connections from within a game client?

Could you send me the ID from inside DumaOS of the server you're trying to ping here? I can decode the ID into an actual IP address and try to connect to it. It might be different from the server identified in the hostname.

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