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Hey guys I really want to play in UK only on fortnite, it keeps trying to put me into France lobby then says connection lost due to geo filter just covering the UK.

Spectating mode constantly seems to try an put into France lobby swell, any solutions would be great help. Thanks 

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Spectating Mode is essentially an off switch so that's why it didn't work in Spectating Mode.

It's possible that the UK servers are always full and that's why it tries to send you to France. It's also possible that you actually have a better ping to France than you do to the UK servers. You can check that on this site: https://www.cloudping.info/

I've tried this myself and it does look like it's sending me to the Paris server even though the London one has better ping. For some reason the game just keeps trying over and over to connect to the Paris servers, and it won't try to find other servers when it can't connect to Paris. I tried various settings and couldn't get onto the London server.

The Geo-Filter works by fooling games into thinking a server is down, and making them find another one. Fortnite however refuses to try other servers once it's decided that Paris is the way to go. Unless there is a way to stop the game from doing this, there's nothing DumaOS can do.

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